Uses of Marma Massage Therapy in Modern Life

Ayurveda is a centuries-old lifestyle practice that aims to build harmony inside the body. The techniques aim to treat the whole person instead of just the symptoms. In short, Ayurveda treatment is aimed at preventing future occurrence of diseases treating the root cause of a disease rather than the symptoms.

In the Ayurveda school in India, the students are taught that human beings compromise five critical elements. The five elements combined and govern the entire biological, physiological and psychological functions of the mind, body, emotional and physical interaction with the surrounding. It is essential to create a balance of everything to avoid the formation of diseases in the first place.

Many therapies and techniques have been developed to treat diseases in the Ayurveda healing system. The Marma therapy is one of the most popular ones present in Ayurveda. The Masters of Kalari martial art have founded this therapy in the year 1500 BC to treat injuries of soldier occurred in the battlefield.

Marma is a juncture in the body where the tissue, muscle, bone, tendon, ligaments, and vessel meet. There are 108 Marma points including the mind present in the body. The points are powerful and useful to heal the body entirely through touch and massage. However, if anyone strikes on these points to a person, the blow may prove fatal as well.

In a Marma massage course, the students learn the synchronized view of anatomical and physiological properties of the therapy to have a better understanding. Massaging on the vital points treat the total well-being – mind, body, and spirit.

It facilitates detoxification, cleansing, boost immunity system, improve health condition, relief stress, improve blood circulation, and rehabilitate patients in the hospitals. The massage helps to create body awareness, rejuvenate and repair, improve strength, give deep relaxation and glowing skin.

These are the primary problems faced by individual in modern life due to faulty lifestyle or other factors. The effectiveness of Marma massage therapy to treat these problems show its relevance in the modern lifestyle.

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