How to Give Yourself an Indian Head Massage?

Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal system in the world which was originated in India. It only uses the natural techniques like yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, massage and healthy diet to heal the body and promote healthy living. That’s why Ayurvedic methods have no side effects on the body.

One of the beneficial things that are told in the Ayurveda schools of India is Indian head massage. In this method, a gentle massage is given on the head, neck, and shoulders with some herbal oils. It helps in reducing stiffness in the muscles and releases the stress and tension. Also, it gives lubrication to the shoulder and neck joints and increases creativity and happiness.

What oils do you need to perform an ayurvedic massage?

You can use oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, Brahmi oil, Bhringraj oil, neem oil, mustard oil, etc. to perform a head massage. It is better if you prepare a mixture of some herbal oils and then use it for massaging your head. The students who study in Kerala Ayurveda Academy are told to make a massage oil with the combination of some herbal oils to get the maximum benefits.

The technique of Performing Ayurvedic Head Massage

  • Warm the massage oil.
  • Take some oil in your hand and apply it gently by combing your hair with the help of your fingers.
  • Pour some oil directly on to the top of your head and massage gently on either side of your head.
  • Bend your head forward till the chin touches your chest. Pour some oil at the end of your hairline and massage at the back of your head, neck, and
  • Then massage your entire head with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion. Apply some pressure, but don’t press too much that it starts hurting.
  • It is advised to keep the oil overnight but, if you don’t want at least wait for thirty minutes. Don’t forget to cover your head after the massage.

That’s all. Now, you are ready to give a fantastic massage to yourself. I hope you find the content useful.

Do you want to learn more about Ayurveda?

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