What is Marma Therapy and Its Significance?

Marma therapy is an integral part of Ayurveda that helps to maintain health released the blocked energies in the body. That is why one can learn this therapy in an Ayurveda course in India and somewhere else.

Marma is a Sanskrit word and it means hidden or secret. So, Marma points are the vital junctures in the body where two or more tissues meet like muscle, bone, vein, ligament, and joints. Serious damages and pain are caused to health when these points got inflicted.

How many Marma Points Present in Your Body?

According to Ayurveda, our body has 108 Marma points including the mind. The Marma points compromises of seven chakras or energy centers in the body. You can find detail explanation and description of the points in the Sushruta Samhita written centuries ago.

What Happens in Marma Massage?

The primary aim and goal of Marma therapy are to remove the blockage of energy in the body by stimulating the points. Individuals experience invigorating physical and psychological relaxation and strength.

In the Marma massage course, students learn the powerful process of opening the energy channels of the body with rubbing and pressing the points. Expert practitioners offer insightful training and skills to acquire expertise related to this technique.

Top therapeutic benefits of Marma massage

Individuals taking Marma massage experience emotional, physical, mental and spiritual improvements during the massage. Here are the additional benefits:

  • Relief from acute and chronic pain
  • Improve functionalities of body organs and system – immunity system, digestive, respiratory, neural and psychological in the body.
  • Detoxify body’s harmful chemicals
  • Improve skin condition to bring radiance
  • Help improve the body’s temperature and dosha balance
  • Promote deep sleep with the release of neurochemicals in the body.

As you can see, Marma therapy promote and enhance the overall health of an individual. It is considered a holistic healing system with considerable uses in the western countries.

Where to study Marma massage?

India is the place where the Ayurveda and therapeutic massages originated. The healing methods are still practiced diagnosing and treating chronic diseases. Ayurveda school in India offers comprehensive training to students coming from different countries. The training helps students acquire expertise and certification necessary to practice in real life.

Want to study Marma massage?

Contact us to enroll in the coming batch at the top institute in Goa.

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