How to become a Somatic Bodywork Therapist?

Did you know that our body secretly stores the distressing experiences occurring to us in daily life?

Events like the death of dear ones, meeting accidents, injuries, and other mental traumas take other shapes in the body. The unpleasant events often create psychological problems and affect the individual in different ways. They are often manifested in other forms and problems like nervousness, fear, gastric issues, pains, anxiety, and others. These moments can create obstacles and act as a mental block in achieving complete well-being and happiness.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic is a Latin word, and Soma means “the living body.” Somatic Therapy is an approach taken to enhance mental, emotional, physical and biological function to get option well-being and healing by an individual.

This therapy tries to access the intelligence of our body and the subtle relationship between the subconscious to realize our potential and enable an in-depth inner healing process.

Techniques Used in the Therapy

The primary goal of somatic bodywork training in India is to teach students how to promote a body-mind balance. Specialised touching methods are utilized like soft tissue massage, compressing and kneading. That is why most of the students had prior experience in massage therapy or worked as a professional therapist.

Why is it called holistic healing?

Holistic healing means a complete cure of the body, mind, and spirit to experience the optimal wellness using conventional to modern therapies. To add holistic healing to this therapy, students will learn to integrate the spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of the clients.

Also, some of the skilled practitioners use tantric philosophy, humanistic psychology, mind-body medicine practices, osteopathy, and somatic body-work therapies in the market. So, it is a vast subject that requires the right amount of skills and experience to be called as an expert.

Benefits of Somatic Therapy for Individuals

Students studying this course at the Ayurveda training in Kerala or elsewhere will experience numerous mental and health benefits. Some of the vital benefits are given below:

  • Individual get self-awareness
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Explore physical and emotional concerns
  • Effective in the treatment of borderline personality

Where to study?

Techniques of Somatic therapy can be a crucial addition for a massage therapist to enhance their skills and knowledge for client’s well-being. It is a good career option for a new student who wants to start a career in this traditional massage and healing system.

Indian institutes have a reputation of providing top-rated Ayurveda courses in Goa and other places. You can study the Somatic therapy from the expert practitioner in India.

Contact us to enroll in Somatic and other massage courses today.

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