Why is Indian Head Massage a Holistic Therapy?


Indian head massage is a treatment given based on the centuries-old techniques and principles of Ayurveda. Massage is done on the upper part of the body – upper back, neck, shoulder, face, and head.

The massage is amazingly relaxing and invigorating owing to its holistic nature working on the body, mind, and spirit. It is because holistic therapies work on giving you full relaxation and inner calm. That’s not all; they are helpful to bust stress, pain, and psychological problems.

Studying the Indian Head Massage course is an ideal choice if you want to experience and learn techniques to offer others. The massage is very simple yet effective to bring complete wellbeing to your loved ones and clients.

The primary reason is to achieve a delicate balance of chemicals in the body. It is possible following an ethical lifestyle consisting of yoga, meditation, massage and herbal medicines. And, Indian head massage is an integral part of this therapy.

Here some of the benefits of taking Indian head massage:

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress
  • Promote better sleep
  • Reduce neck and back pain
  • Help in migraine and headache
  • Promote hair growth massaging on the scalp
  • Detoxify and improve blood circulation

Where to study the traditional massage?

Many institutes are offering Ayurveda training courses to the students. And, Indian head is one of the prominent courses offered at the Ayurveda school in India. Expert practitioners employ workshop and theoretical training to acquire skills.

Ayurvedic principles and therapies are taught in the course to aspirants. Students will learn to rub, press and knead the body for clients. The techniques involved are trained in the classroom practicing on other students. Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers specialized training on different massages to students to acquire expertise in this field. Students learn the ancient healing methods by practice on the workshop during the course.

Want to study the Indian head massage in India?

Aithein Healing is a top institute offering training in the traditional healing system in Goa. Join in the massage course to get a fantastic study experience of Ayurvedic concepts. Contact us today.

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