Things You Should Know About Indian Head Massage

wp-content-uploads-2015-04-indian-head-massage-training-course-goa-india1-500x500The head is the most crucial part of the body. It consists of the mind and eight other essential openings including eyes, ears, nose, mouth and the crown. Head has many vital energy points that affect our subconscious mind.

Ayurveda, the oldest and best medicinal system, has a massage for the head which reduces stress and anxiety and focuses on promoting your overall health. It also improves the awareness and concentration of a person. Different herbal oils mentioned in the books of Ayurveda are used to massage the head. The students of Indian head massage course get knowledge of special herbal oils for pressing the head which gives a better and faster relief.

There are four techniques of doing the head massage in Ayurveda:

  • Shirodhara- Includes pouring oil on the head
  • Shirovasti-Includes keeping oil on the head using a holder
  • Shirahapichu-Includes keeping a cloth on the head dipped in oil
  • Shirobhangya- Includes spreading oil over the head

Many Ayurveda academy in Kerala teach these techniques of massaging the head.

Now, let’s discuss some of the benefits of Ayurvedic head massage.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Head Massage:

  • It helps to cure many hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall, dead skin, etc. which are very common in today’s generation.
  • It also protects our hair from the harmful effects of the sun, bad weather and pollution.
  • It promotes a better quality of sleep.
  • It helps oiling hair naturally and scalp which improves the luster of your hair.
  • It supports the nervous system by releasing the stress.
  • It helps in improving focus.

So, are you looking for an Ayurveda school in India to study the Indian head massage?

Aitheinhealing is a top institute that helps students to learn various advanced concepts of Ayurveda in training. They teach from a variety of massage courses like Marma therapy and Panchkarma Further, you will get a government approved certificate which will help pursue your career in Ayurveda.

Contact us to enroll in the massage course now.

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