Indian Ayurvedic Massages- Simple yet effective courses


Indian Ayurvedic massage is an effective and efficient kind of massage therapy that is used in the treatment of various health issues and conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, tiredness, insomnia and many other dozens of other health conditions. A quick account of chief Ayurvedic massages is given below.

Full Body Massage– this massage also known as Abhyanga, is used to treat and relax the whole body. It is done by expert masseurs; Ayurvedic oil is applied all over the body from head to toe which nourishes and relax the whole-body frame.

Marma Massage– This Ayurvedic massage technique is a unique form of massage which is used to strengthen and rejuvenate the body. Marmas are vital points in the body where the pressure is applied to improve the physical strength of the body, but if done in the wrong way, it can cause serious injury or even death. So, one must learn marma therapy from a certified institute before carrying on the services as a massage practitioner.

Indian Head Massage- This form of massage is used to release the tension and pressure from the head and mind. Various techniques, shifts and movement styles are applied on the head and scalp to give relaxation and promote stress-free mind. This massage therapy is very popular in Indian homes where mothers apply oil to their children scalp to promote the growth of hairs and provide relaxation.

Ayurvedic massages are very beneficial and are recommended for everyone who leads a very stressful life. These practices bring a positive change to the body and relax the nervous system and improve blood circulation. With the right massage, one can get rid of several body conditions. But before performing these therapies, one must study Ayurveda in India from a reputed institute.

So, do you want to start a career as a massage specialist?

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