Different Careers Options in Ayurveda

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The practice of Ayurveda has not only been proven effective by scientific research but also considered beneficial in healing the ailments of many patients. Career in Ayurveda is gaining high popularity and there are several Ayurvedic colleges in India that offers different courses ranging from Indian Head massage to Somatic healing and Marmic therapy.

Some of the careers that an Ayurvedic aspirant can pursue are given below-

Marmic Therapy Course

Marma are the crucial parts of the body. Various ailments such as body ache, headache, faulty spinal alignment, pain in the joints can be treated by applying the techniques of this therapy. One can learn this art in a short duration of time and can open his clinic to provide the facilities to others.

Somatic Body Training course

Somatic body training aids the body to recover from pain and shock. Students can learn this art to provide healing treatment to their clients and patients. As a beginner, you can initially work in a healthcare clinic then afterwards can carry your personal practice as an expert.

Indian Head Massage

Another most sought-after course in Ayurveda is Indian head massage course. This course is giving doctors competition as more and more people want to take this treatment for curing headaches, migranes, depression and anxiety. Patients are ready to shell out large amount of money for single session and there is a lot of scope for students who wish to become the massage specialists.

The above-mentioned career choices in the field of Ayurveda are some of the many options that are available for the students to pursue. A career in this field offers many financial and personal rewards.

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