Ayurveda- An ultimate wellness programme


Ayurveda is an ancient knowledge practised by the Indian sages some 5000 years ago. It is an old tradition of healing that has been curing many diseases since time immemorial.

Ayurveda respects the individuality of each person. The first thing that Ayurveda practitioners do is to determine the constitution of your mind and body, and they heal you accordingly. Ayurveda experts know that no two individuals are same. Both patients might have the same disease, but the treatment is given to both in a different way based on the constitution of the body.

Ayurveda courses in India focuses on the natural way of healing an individual. All human beings on this planet are made up of five different elements which are space, fire, air, earth and water, and this is the reason that natural therapies and resources go well with our bodies. This is also the reason that synthetic medicines and drugs cause side effects and lose their natural effectiveness after some time as they do not contain these five natural elements.

Ayurveda acknowledges the fact that prevention is better than cure. It believes that our body has the tools inside it that can help to prevent any major disease. Our bodies are machines that can work day and night if proper Ayurvedic therapy like Ayurveda Head Massage, yoga, Rope massage and Marma Massage treatment is given to it.

Marma Massage course is a specialised course of Ayurveda that focuses on influencing subtle energy in the body to encourage the healing process. There are 107 points on our body that are the gateway to our mind, soul and consciousness. The central principle of Marma technique is to apply a mild touch to these points to cause healing.

Want to enrol in Ayurveda school in India?

Contact Aitheinhealing, a place that provides comprehensive courses that cover both Indian and western therapies for different body types and constitution. Visit now for more details.


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