Ayurveda- A unique art of life science


Universally considered as the ancient form of medicine, Ayurveda is a unique and mesmerising art, lifestyle and philosophy that originated in the lands of India some 5000 years ago.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, combining two different terms- Ayur and Veda, which means wisdom of life. There are four Vedas in Hindu philosophy- Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda, Ayurveda is a part of Atharvaveda and is also known as Ashtanga Veda.

The principles of Ayurveda are priceless paths to the understanding of the art of healthy living. These principles are based on the human philosophy of living a healthy, stressfree and peaceful life.

It focuses on the entire being rather than only physical health. This benefit of Ayurveda attracts a lot of students to study this form of science from the best Ayurvedic colleges in India. It provides a well-researched purification method and has several benefits like-

  1. It helps in reduction of stress, it improves breathing and heart rate and lowers high blood pressure.
  2. Ayurvedic massage with warm oil reduces knee pain in Osteoarthritis patients.
  3. It lowers levels of anxiety, stress and alleviates the mood of the depressed
  4. It gives relief from chronic back pain, reduces migraines and headaches and provides complete rejuvenation to the body.

Ayurveda colleges in India offers specialised professional training and courses in Ayurvedic and international therapies. After taking a course from these colleges a person can-

  1. Invent his own range of Ayurvedic health products
  2. A person can work in beauty salons as a massage specialist and can provide quality service to the customers
  3. Students can also open their Ayurvedic health clinics and provide medication and therapies to the patients to cure common health problems.
  4. A person can also become a yoga practitioner and therapist and can get a job in related private or government sector.

Ayurveda is a journey towards happy life, healthy body, peaceful mind that ultimately takes you to the path of enlightenment and it is a practice of making healthy choices in daily life so that you can live in a right and natural balance.

Are you looking forward to studying Ayurveda?

Contact Aitheinhealing and learn various technique, therapies of Ayurveda from our expert professionals. They offer comprehensive courses that cover h western and Indian Ayurvedic practices like bodywork and massage therapy. Visit to learn more.


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