Somatic Bodywork Training- What it is and how does it help you?


Somatic Bodywork training is a kind of therapeutic treatment directed towards soothing symptoms of and healing of traumatic stress disorder as well as physical and mental trauma associated with various health problems. Though many other therapies work to soothe and treat those disorders, Somatic Bodywork training in India is unique that focuses on a person’s body consciousness.

This Ayurveda training in Kerala focuses on the physical body and mind. It is just like face-to-face sessions of traditional psychotherapy, but it takes very less time and gives better results. The number of sessions mostly depends on the condition of the body. Usually, one to six sessions is sufficient.

It works on the principle of survival response, which involves allowing a client to track his own felt sense experiences. Felt senses are physical feelings of emotions that come along with anyone expertise of unspoken feelings. In monitoring these experiences, a client grasps a better understanding of emotions connected to his traumatic experiences. This helps a client to become aware of his physical components such as body tension which stays with him after trauma occurs.

Some benefits of the Somatic theory are-

  1. Enhanced awareness and higher strength to the body.
  2. Improvement in function and flexibility of muscles.
  3. Improved breathing and greater coordination

It is not a kind of therapy one can get from a psychiatrist. This can only be experienced in a peaceful atmosphere of Kerala or Goa. For a therapist to be able to start giving the training of somatic therapy, he must complete the certification training in Ayurveda course in Goa to help in healing and relieving symptoms of traumatic experience.

Want to pursue Ayurveda courses in Goa?

Contact Aitheinhealing, a certified Ayurveda institute that can help you in learning various other therapies and techniques. Contact us to enrol in the coming session today.

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