Ayurveda- A Comprehensive Approach towards Fitness


Ayurveda is the most desirable comprehensive forms of alternative medicine that had originated in India thousands of years ago and is now quickly spreading around the entire world. It is an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge.

Many believe that it originated as a form of medicine for the kings and gods. Even in Ramayan, Lord Hanuman brought Sanjivani herb to revive Lakshman.

Ayurveda is mostly considered a herbal science. It is based on the theory of medicinal science of herbs and studies their effects on the human body. There are about five thousand herbs known to Ayurveda. Out of which, at least one thousand is commonly used in our day to day lives and common medicinal prescriptions.

A branch of Indian Ayurvedic course which has become an influential theory to strengthen, soothe and calm the body, mind and spirit is Indian Ayurvedic Massage. It is practised by using warm massage oil and is a great way to recharge and rejuvenate the muscles and nerves of the shoulder, neck, head and face.

Ayurvedic massage, when carried out on a regular basis, will nourish the mind as well as relieve fatigue, and provide perfect sleep. It also amplifies the beauty of a person and brings lustre to their face and skin. It also promotes longevity in a person and nourishes all body parts.

Some benefits of Ayurvedic massage are-

  1. It increases mental alertness of a person
  2. It calms the nerves and tissues of the body
  3. It softens and smoothes the skin and hair
  4. Many people experience a better and deeper sleep at night.

Another technique usually practised in Ayurveda to heal the body and mind is Marmic therapy. It focuses on manipulating the energy in the human body to heal the body and mind.

A point where two tissues meet is called a marmic point. When a mild force is applied on these points there comes a positive flow of energy by stimulating the body’s biochemistry to produce different hormones that heal the mind, body and spirit.

Learn Marma therapy to enjoy the benefits of healthy body, calm and peaceful mind, stress-free life and sound and deeper sleep. You will begin to feel the change right from the first day itself. After taking the course, you can become a therapist or an Ayurveda practitioner. A person can also open his ayurvedic health clinic or ayurvedic medicine shop or can become a yoga expert in private or government institute.

Want to study Ayurveda in India?

Contact Aitheinhealing and learn Ayurvedic massage, marmic therapy and many more techniques.

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