How can marma massage improve the overall well-being?

The marma healing technique is an ancient technique for acupuncture and has a unique spiritual connection which makes it different from the other hands-on therapies. It is derived from Sanskrit origin mru or marr. Marayate Iti Marmani which is a phrase in Sanskrit means there is the likelihood of severe damage to the health.

This technique is considered as the energy healing of Ayurveda which utilises 107 points considered as the doorways to mind and body. Each of these points allows entry to the “chakras”.

It was the original point system of healing in the body which spread from India to neighbouring China and resulted in the development of acupuncture and Kung fu. The principles of marma are taught in Ayurveda school India. In different Ayurvedic texts as well, there is mention of marma points.

In marma massage course, the knowledge of marma is combined with an ability to both perceive and direct the flow of prana. Thus, it becomes a tool for healing every condition. The strokes which are used in marma are long, continuous and rhythmic in its approach. They can relax the body and stimulate the flow of vital energy.

The potential benefits of marma therapy are as follows-

  • Profound pain relief both locally and distally
  • Clearing of toxins on all levels.
  • Improved digestion and absorption.
  • Improved function of the organs.
  • Healthier skin.
  • Balances body temperature and can balance the “doshas”.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Enhances lymph activity and flushing of toxins

The most significant benefit of marma massage is that it can improve the mental health of a person. It changes the perception and thus brings a calmness in their lives. There are not many treatments available which can improve the psychological health of a person and therefore, the marma massage is unique in its regards.

Aitheinhealing is an institute for Ayurveda course India. They teach students about marma massage therapy and ensure that the patients live a healthy life both physically and mentally.

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