How to be a Marma Massage Therapist?

With rising health issues and medical costs, several people are turning to traditional therapies and healing methods. Ayurveda is one of the most popular healing methods used by health enthusiasts. The ancient healing system has originated in India during the Vedic times. Over the years, the traditional practices have become more effective and helpful in treating specific health complications.

Ayurveda treatment is divided into four categories: massage, meditation, yoga, and herbal medicines. It is purely a natural method that aims to maintain a balance in the body energies. The diseases are caused due to a chemical imbalance. The Ayurveda course in India offers knowledge to find natural solutions and answers to numerous health disorders.

Massage is one of the most accepted forms of Ayurveda practices. Massage therapists are the persons offering massage to persons in various settings. Due to proven effectiveness in the wellbeing of individuals, massage therapies receive huge acceptance and usages in the western countries. An increasing number of people include massage as an integral part of their lifestyle.

The Marma Point Massage is one of the most famous massages in Ayurveda. A human body has 107 point or entry points into the body and consciousness. A point is a vibrational energy centre along the spine and known as the doorway to the chakras. Pressing the points, it releases the blocked energy and stimulates follow of body’s vital life force.

Here are the top benefits of Marma Massage:

  • Clear toxins from the body
  • Improve digestion and absorption
  • Increase function of the organs
  • Balance doshas and temperature
  • Increase immunity system
  • Helps to gain healthier skin
  • Soothes the body and promote sound sleep

Students studying the Marma massage course will learn to press the points during the rigorous training in the workshop. However, aspirants must take instruction from an experienced and skilled massage therapist to learn traditional healing method in original form. Practical skills are immensely critical to practice as a therapist after completion of studies.

Want to be a Marma massage therapist?

If you are searching for an Ayurveda school in India, Aithein Healing may be an ideal choice. The institute is situated at the quiet Agonda beach in Goa.

Contact us to enrol in the next batch of Marma massage course today.

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