Why Students and patients consider Kerala as the ideal destination to practice Ayurveda?

The term Ayurveda has come into existence after joining two words- Ayur and Veda which translates to “Science of life”. Focus in Ayurveda is on maintaining the equilibrium in the body. The doctors in Ayurveda consider physical existence, mental existence and personality as a single unit.

It is no secret that Ayurveda was devised in India and spread across the world. However, with time there were several false practices which were added in Ayurveda. India remains as the ideal destination to learn Ayurveda and courses in Ayurveda in India are famed worldwide. According to a study, around 75 to 80% people in India use traditional medicine which is part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Over the years, Kerala has emerged as the ideal destination for aspirants to learn Ayurveda. There is no shortage of Ayurvedic resorts offering treatment to patients coming here. The infrastructural facilities, geographical location of the Western Ghats and experienced medical practitioners are some of the reasons why tourists choose Kerala.

The state is filled with calm beaches, hill stations, backwaters, tea and spice plantations. These attractions are enough to enchant the tourists who visit from all over the world. Ayurveda courses Kerala is designed to fill the body of patients with new energy and rejuvenate their mind. Attention is given to treating the whole body rather than just curing the disease. Ayurveda follows the method of building the immunity system first and treatment of illness later.

The institues in Kerala teach students to follow Dinacharya. It states that natural cycles are essential for the health of an individual. Another essential part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle is hygiene. Bathing, cleaning of teeth, skin care, and eye washing are all critical for a disease-free body.

Aitheinhealing is an institute for Ayurvedic training in Kerala. Their mission is to inspire their patients and heal them. A complete transformation of mind and body gets done with Ayurvedic methods. Visit Aitheinhealing.com to know more.

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