What makes Ayurvedic courses of Kerala so prominent?

Ayurveda is a system of medicine which has existed since the time of Indus valley civilisation. The techniques were developed in the Indian subcontinent and spread in different parts of the world. There are three principal early texts on Ayurveda, the Charaka Samhita, the Sushruta Samhita and the Bhela Samhita.

The earliest text in Ayurveda divides medicine into eight parts-

  • Kāyacikitsā: This is the general medicine or the medicine of the body.
  • Kaumāra-bhṛtya: The treatment of children, paediatrics.
  • Śalyatantra: The surgical techniques and the extraction of foreign objects.
  • Śālākyatantra: The treatment of ailments affecting ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (“ENT”)
  • Bhūtavidyā: The pacification of possessing spirits, and the people whose minds are affected by such possession
  • Agadatantra: The branch of medicine dealing with toxicology.
  • Rasāyanatantra: The rejuvenation and tonics for increasing lifespan, intellect and strength.
  • Vājīkaraṇatantra: The aphrodisiacs and treatments for increasing the volume and viability of semen and sexual pleasure.

According to the Ayurveda, the techniques of Panchakarma eliminate toxic elements from the body. Panchakarma includes Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana.

It got observed that up to 80 percent of the people in India use traditional methods of medicine including Ayurveda. Kerala is considered a hub for Ayurveda in India and the Ayurveda training in Kerala is famed due to the quality of teachers and the calm beaches of this state which makes learning Ayurveda a splendid experience.

Ayurvedic massage is an essential part of Ayurvedic therapy, and the calm approach means that the recipients are induced to a relaxed state. Massage can also improve the overall wellbeing of the patient.

In Indian head massage training, the particular emphasis is given to the marmas and chakras of the body. The marmas are vital points which are similar to the acupressure points. These points are manipulated in massage to treat diseases and relax the body.

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