How Ayurveda training in India is based on the century old techniques?

Ever since the civilisation settled in the Indian subcontinent, there has been a system of medicine and treatment which got widely practised. This system spread with the name of Ayurveda and it is believed it was passed on by Gods to Sages and from sages to human practitioners.

Scholars of Ayurveda believe that Ayurveda originated in the pre-historic times even earlier than the Indus valley civilisation. As time progressed, new practices from Buddhism and Jainism got incorporated.

The Ayurveda which gets practised in India is considered of the highest order with only authentic practices taught to students. Ayurveda training in Kerala is famous around the globe among the Ayurveda aspirants. Kerala is a state famous for its calm environment and beaches which makes it an ideal location to practice and learn Ayurveda.

Students are taught about the eight components of medicine- General medicine, paediatrics, surgical techniques, ENT, pacification of possessing spirits, toxicology, rejuvenation and tonics for increasing strength and lifespan and aphrodisiacs. The doctors in Ayurveda regard the physical existence, mental existence and personality as a single unit. Diagnosis in Ayurveda is made through eight ways- Nadi, Mootra, Mala, Jihva, Shabda, Sparsh, Druk and Aakruti.

When it comes to treatment of stress and anxiety in Ayurveda, students are given Indian head massage training. Indian head massage is famous by the name of champi in India. The invention of Indian head massage is believed to be around 4000+ years back from an ancient ayurvedic form.

The practitioners in head massage focus on three chakras- Vishudda, Ajna and Sahasrara. Head massage has other uses as well which include physical harmony, for healing, vitality and relaxation of mind and body.

Aitheinhealing is a top Ayurveda college India. The experienced faculty is focused on bringing a positive change in the lives of their students and patients.

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