What are the different types of Ayurvedic massage oils?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science. The holistic science originated thousands of years ago. It incorporates techniques like diet, detoxification, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. Many people prefer Ayurvedic massage as the best way to fight diseases and live a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous masseurs enrolling in Ayurveda massage training in India as their demand is rising in the west.

Ayurvedic massage helps in eliminating toxins through different techniques. It helps in strengthening of muscles and rejuvenates body as well as the mind. The traditional massage strokes are applied and herbal medicated oils are used to suit individual’s body type. Ayurveda therapy training India teaches about different medicated oils and their use on types of person.

Types of Ayurvedic massage oilsintltherapies-headmassage

There are numerous types of massage oils that heal the body and cure many diseases. Every person has different body types and energy levels. Ayurvedic Oils have varying effects on individuals and it is masseur’s responsibility to use the right type of oil on the body type of the client.

Vata oil

This oil restores the vitality of the skin, eliminates toxins, and improving circulation.

Pitta oil

This oil eliminates heat from the body and easily deals with various skin ailments.

Kapha oil

This oil warms the body and helps in removing retained water and heal numerous wounds.

Organic almond oil

This oil offers smooth and younger looking skin.

Organic sesame oil

This oil is considered as the best base oil or the only oil which is suitable for everyone.

Bhringaraj oil

This oil is best suited for those people who are facing hair loss or dealing with scalp problems.

Hot oils are used in winter months while cold or normal temperature oils are used in the summer months. If you are looking forward to learn Ayurveda in India then contact us now.

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