How Ayurveda massage helps us in living a healthy life?


Ayurvedic massage is one of the best ways to keep someone healthy and free of diseases. It uses ancient Ayurvedic herbs mixed with oils to purify our body and nourish the skin on a deep cellular level. Massage in Ayurveda is prescribed as a key to longevity. Learning Ayurvedic massage is a new experience and getting trained in top Ayurveda college India is a great way to enhance new massage skills.

Essential for health

Everyone wants to remain healthy in today’s world but bad lifestyle doesn’t allow a good health. Ayurvedic massage is the best answer for a healthy lifestyle or cure for any disease. It improves blood pressure, reduces stress, and removes toxins from the body. It promotes lymphatic drainage, detoxifies and reduces free-radical activities. The herbs used in therapy have naturally occurring anti-oxidants. Plus, they got anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too.

The use of herbs for health benefits is taught in courses like Indian head massage training where different herbal oils are used to provide a relax state. Overall, Ayurvedic massage is crucial for a healthy long life.

Pressure pointsaithein-healing-goa-600x315

There is a healing technique in Ayurvedic massage called Marma therapy. Marma points are vital points in the body where life force energy is concentrated. These points are located where arteries, tendons, flesh, bones, and joints meet. It is a closed interconnected system through which prana flows in our body. Marma points play an important role in balancing various systems of our body.

Right pressure on these points during massage helps the body in self-healing and can cure many diseases. These pressure points should be handled with care during the massage because our life force energy flows through them. You can learn all these things in Ayurveda training in Kerala, Goa and other parts of India.

If you want to learn Ayurvedic massage by expert masseurs then enrol in our specialised massage courses, contact us today.

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