What is the first step in learning Ayurvedic massage?

Ayurveda is a holistic science which is in practice in India for thousands of years. It helps in rejuvenating and healing the body both physically and mentally. There are different courses in Ayurveda in India taught by practitioners of this holistic science.

Body massage with warm oil is a part of the tradition in Ayurveda from many years. Technical knowledge of these body relaxing therapies is easy to grasp. Anyone can learn various strokes but complete understanding takes time and in-depth studying. Ayurvedic massage therapy is not just about technical precision. The masseur or therapist exchanges energy with their clients such that client will feel energised after the session.

How energy exchange between therapist and client takes place?

First of all, you need to be comfortable with the posture you assume while giving a massage. You need to be comfortable with your client, and only then your client will be pleased with you. Masseur should be entirely focused at the time of giving the massage. Ayurveda courses in India teach to focus because if you aren’t focused, then you will not be able to connect with your client. A therapist should be relaxed and confident of all the postures used during therapy.

Ayurvedic massage heals not just physically and mentally, but it throws the bad toxins in our body too. Removal of bad toxins helps us in the prevention of various diseases. Ayurveda courses Kerala and Goa are famous around the world, and many foreigners travel India every year to learn Ayurvedic therapy. The awareness of body, breath, and mind is the basis of treatment. The combination of these three and technical strokes according to the anatomy will give a refreshing massage to your client. Contact us, if you are interested in learning different types of massage in India.

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