What kind of training one can expect in Ayurvedic massage institutes?

Ayurvedic massage therapy is a combination of the old Indian holistic science and art which provides a relaxing experience to the body by performing different strokes on it. Massage is the best way to maintain health and fitness. It works on both physical and mental level and transmits life-giving energy that helps all systems of the body to repair themselves. Many people often want to learn this ancient technique, and top Ayurveda College India is assisting those individuals who are passionate to help people in this way. There are different types of Ayurvedic massage therapies like:


Abhyanga is whole body massage done with herbal oils. It helps in nourishing the body and throws out the harmful toxins in our body. It heals the body from inside as-well-as from outside and improves blood circulation of the body.


Also, known as the head massage, Shiroabhyanga provides relief to head, neck, and shoulder areas. The soothing massage is done by using warm herbal oils. It can cure a headache and helps in providing better sleep. If you want to learn this type of therapy, you can enrol in any Indian head massage training institute.


Padaabhyanga is performed on the lower legs and feet area of our body. It is a very stimulating massage which directly activates the acupressure portion of the lower parts of the body. It helps in giving smoothness to the skin of feet area and relieves tiredness of the feet.


Mukhabyanga means massage on the face portion of the body. It nourishes the skin of the face and gives a feeling of relaxation to the whole body. This massage sequence is a part of beauty treatment of the face part.

These are the essential elements of Ayurvedic massage, and anyone can learn these techniques if they want to heal people both physically and mentally.

Reputed institutes are providing Ayurveda training in Kerala and Goa regions of India. Contact us to enrol in the course and start a successful career in this field.

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