Top benefits of giving head massage through Ayurvedic way

Many people in India still follow the tradition of giving a head massage using oil. Ayurvedic head massage not only gives relaxation to our body but it keeps stress and diseases at bay. The Indian Ayurvedic head massage is a traditional head massage with its unique techniques. The head therapy delivers calmness and a peace of mind and promotes a high level of concentration and alertness. A variety of Ayurveda oils are used in the process of head therapy, and it is left on the head for a suitable period. There are different Ayurveda institutes in India providing Indian head massage training to individuals.

Out of all the types of Indian head massage, Shiro-Abhyanga is the most popular head massage.

What is Shiro-Abhyanga?

The word Shiro-Abhyanga is made up of two parts, Shiro means head and Abhyanga means massage. It helps in maintaining a balance between doshas (body types). The oil is applied at the Marma points (vital energy points) also known as positions of our body where flesh, tendons, arteries, bones, and joints meet.

The therapy simulates both left and right side of the brain simultaneously. The therapists apply equal pressure on the head always. The herbal method and effective pressure can restructure and rebalance the health and longevity of both mind and body. Proper therapeutic oil massage at Marma points eliminates toxins from the body, allows healing of tissues, helps in better digestion and mental functions. Ayurveda training in Kerala and Goa can teach Shiro-abhyanga properly to anyone. Training is best suitable for those people who want to learn new things in providing effective therapy techniques to their clients. Shiro-Abhyanga gives better circulation, improves concentration and vision, balances hormones and nervous system, and makes the body feel light and energetic.

Many top Ayurveda college India provides best-in-class training in head massage and its applications. If you are curious to learn more about effective Ayurvedic therapies, then contact us.

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