A brief overview of Ayurveda healing courses



downloadAyurveda is a comprehensive science. It is not confined to treating illness only, rather it focuses on healing the complete human body system. This is the reasons it is very often called the science of life. It’s not just a medicinal science.

So what exactly Ayurveda healing mean actually?

Healing refers to a state that is achieved by achieving an optimum balance among human mind, body, and spirit. If there’s an imbalance among these, the person is question cannot experience perfect state of health and wellness.

Now if you ask about the available options for learning Ayurveda, they are many. But it’s advisable to join courses in Ayurveda in India only. There are reasons behind it. Ayurveda originated from India thousands of years ago. Some of the prominent medical systems like traditional Chinese, Tibetan, and early Greek are based on the principals of Ayurveda only. Many medicinal and wellness sciences taught and practised around the world are somehow or the other inspired by Ayurveda. Hence, it is better if you learn the original theories and practices only. And it is possible only when you join Ayurveda healing courses in India, not elsewhere.

Even in Indian Ayurveda systems there are variations like Kerali Ayurveda that is practised mainly in the southern part of India and the one practised all over India. However, there’s not much difference in these two variations. But, on certain aspects they teach different techniques and practices. The origin is the same.

Now if you are looking to join a course on Ayurveda training in Kerala, it’s better join one at Agonda beach Goa. You will have three main benefits in Goa. First, there won’t be any language problem as English is very well spoken here. Second, you will a lot of sightseeing options in the nearby area. And third, you will be learning the purest form of Ayurveda.



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