India as the favourite destination for learning Ayurveda



imagesWhen it comes to Ayurveda, it’s about Ayurveda in India. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the reason for this is the fact that Ayurveda originated from India only. This is the reason you will find the best and the purest form this science in India only. Today, Ayurveda has become popular in most of the countries in world, but the real arts of Ayurveda remain in India only.

If you are looking to learn this amazing science, you must make sure that you study Ayurveda in India only. In other parts of the world you may no doubt find similar courses, but they will be similar only, and not the same. Today, there are many who claim to be the experts by reading a few books about Ayurveda. This is not how someone can be expert, it takes years of efforts and regular practice to be confident enough to pass the knowledge to people looking to learn. Such self-claimed experts have modified or say modernised the way Ayurveda is learnt and taught. This way they are playing with the real essence of Ayurveda and what you get to learn comes up to be something different, not real Ayurveda.

For this reason, make sure if you really want to learn in a better way, join only the best Ayurveda school India. Luckily, it won’t be very difficult for you find institutes in India. But preferably, if you choose to visit Goa, it would give you better options. Specifically, at the Agonda beach in Goa, you will find some of the best institutes offering Ayurveda courses.

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