Ayurveda – Can it be learned online?



downloadAyurveda is no more confined to India only. Its popularity has reached almost every single country in the world, and so has its benefits. Millions of people around the world have been and are being benefited by Ayurveda somehow or the other. Most importantly, it is not just about curing diseases or ailments, it’s also about teaching new ways to lead lives of great health and mental state.

You may have found several courses online on Ayurveda and they would be claiming to train you on this amazing science of life in just a few days. Beware of such false promises. The majority of concepts in Ayurveda can be learnt effectively only when you get to practise them yourself. Yes, it is more about a practical approach of learning. An online course cannot help you with practical sessions. Hence, you won’t be benefited much. Your knowledge acquired thus would be little and you won’t have enough confidence to apply in practice whatever you learnt.

The best approach to learn Ayurveda is to join a course in an actual institute set up where you can be present yourself physically and undergo both theoretical and practical learning sessions. You can find such Ayurveda courses in India where you can enrol yourself and do the practical sessions to make your learning more engaging and everlasting.

Now when it comes to India, there are several cities where you can such institutes, but the best would be join Ayurveda courses in Goa. Specifically, at Agonda beach which would simply be the perfect place to learn and practice this amazing science of wellbeing.

One more important thing to consider is that Ayurveda courses Kerala are not the courses done in Kerala. They are specific kinds of courses which teach you several Ayurveda techniques initiated and practised in the southern states of India. You can find all such courses in Goa as well.


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