Learning Ayurveda in India – Why Goa and Kerala?


It goes without saying that India is the most popular destination for Ayurveda courses. Given this popularity, a large number of people come to India for travel seek to learn Ayurveda during their stay in India. This very fact has added to the numbers of schools, colleges, and private institutes offering such courses. Not just that, the available for courses is no more confined to a certain city or state, there are several institutes mushrooming in different parts of the country. This scenario is making it difficult for aspirants to choose the right city and institute. Where to do a course from? There are many…

Let’s take this confusion off and talk about the cities or states you should choose. I will come directly to the point without much ado. There are basically two states and one of them must be on your tour itinerary if you aspire to learn the best of Ayurveda in India. These two states are Goa and Kerala.

There’s one reason for it. Ayurveda being practised and taught and practised in India are basically of two types. One is there in north India and the other in south India. The one taught in south India is more comprehensive and for this reason you must choose it. Goa and Kerala are the favourite destinations for southern influenced Ayurveda.

For instance, Ayurveda courses in Goa or institutes offering Ayurveda courses in Kerala will teach you Siddha Marma, you won’t find in other states in general. This is not one course, there are many such. They are not entirely different, but they are.

There’s one more reason for joining a course on Ayurveda training in Kerala and in Goa. And that is – the natural atmosphere and overall environment. It’s simply perfect in Goa. Imagine practising the art of Ayurveda and doing yoga and meditation at the long stretched beaches early in the morning. The fresh gut of airs shaking all your worries off. The melodious sounds of ocean currents taking you in a different world altogether… it’s an amazing experience.


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