Goa – A great destination to learn Ayurveda in India

Goa is an Indian state in the western part of the country. It coastlines stretch along the Arabian Sea which makes it a very popular tourists destination in India. Okay, these are the things you might already be knowing. But do you know that Goa is known as the favourite destination for students coming to learn Ayurveda?

Yes, that’s right. Besides being rich with wide stretching beaches and modern lifestyles, Goa sticks to the ancient Indian root – Ayurveda. If you do a simple in Google for best Ayurveda school India, you will come across several of them in Goa. Courses on meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda healing courses are very popular in this beautiful city.

There are reasons for being it a favourite destination for courses in Ayurveda in India. The natural atmosphere near the beaches are actually perfect places to mediate or do yoga in the early morning. The fresh air coming from the seas simply make it an awesome experience when you practice or yoga or spend time doing meditation. This is the reason, you will have several yoga ashrams and Ayurveda schools near the beaches.  Those thatched cottages are very common site around the beach.

People of all ages from around the world come to Goa every year to learn the best of Ayurveda and healing massages. The experience is awesome. If you are one of the ones aspiring to improve your own life or help others of learning to lead lives the Ayurveda way, Goa is calling you. Give it a go. It must not be taking much of your time. Most of the courses are for short period of time, usually a few weeks time only.

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